How to Get Quality Security Screens

Brisbane security screens add a layer of protection to any home. Homeowners would do their best to install a unit to keep themselves safe from break-ins, robberies and trespassing. On the other hand, landlords in Australia are legally required to provide this type of door to their tenants. They are held responsible for the wellbeing of the occupants during their stay.

If you’re planning to purchase this type of door, here are a few tips that can help:

Know what you’re shopping for.

This type of door is very different from your basic screen door. However, a lot of homeowners still make the mistake of interchanging the two. Whilst they may look quite similar, they function differently. Regular varieties will only protect you against small insects, rodents and pests. However, they are not durable against forcible entry.

Most doors built specifically for safety purposes are made to withstand large amounts of force. Before buying a unit, make sure you’re purchasing the right type. Furthermore, the maker or manufacturer must comply with Australian standards. These are:

  • Materials – The materials used for the screen itself should be made out of industrial-grade stainless steel. This makes it non-corrosive. It’s also durable against brute force, cutting, sawing – even gunshots. Frames should be made out of high tensile aluminium to ensure they don’t break easily.
  • Testing – The model should complete the government’s standards for testing.

Most sellers will provide you with a guarantee of their qualifications. Look for this before making your purchase.

You need to get it professionally installed.

A part of the Australian government’s specifications is proper fitting and installation. Each frame must be custom fitted to the door. This makes it harder for any intruders to remove the structure once it’s set. Furthermore, there are requirements for bolting and installation.

Most service providers and retailers will include installation services as part of a package. However, some do not. Before making a purchase, ask the contractor if they can do the installations for you. If not, start making preparations to hire a third-party worker. Keeping your family and property safe from burglars is important; make sure you get the best home security systems on the Sunshine Coast!

Author: Carrie Sze

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