Different Kinds Of Blinds That You Can Get From the Market

Nowadays most of the people prefer to use blinds for their windows instead of using curtains. It is not surprising that after polling with different people, 58 per cent of them preferred blinds. Not only these blinds offer very good show but also they are highly functionable. Some people may say that its cleaning is bit difficult but the benefits that these blinds offer outweighs the hassle of cleaning.

Let us first of all try to understand about blinds. Often blinds are also refered as  shades however they serve the same purpose. There is a fundamental difference between blinds and shades. When we call blinds then it has individual slats that can be positioned in up or down position. Some of the blinds can be tilted from sides too so that you can control how much outside you will allow in. Also, there is a chord on one side of the blind that can adjust the blind up or down. You can also control the tilt by using another rod placed on the other side.

Shades are also similar to blinds in all respect but they cannot be adjusted from side to side.

Now the question is which type of kaihtimet which in English is for blinds that you must choose for your home or office. In this small write-up we will let you know different kinds of blinds available in the market.

Different kinds of blinds

Following are different kinds of blinds that you can get from the markert.

  • Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are mostly used either in patio doors or in floor to ceiling windows. However, in many places such blinds can also be used for smaller windows. Such blinds have individual slats which runs along its trackfrom the top. It can either open from side or in the middle.

  • Venetian blinds

This is one of the most popular choice of blind style. There are horizontal slats that are attached with string or cloth strips called tapes. As these blinds are raised the bottom slat is pressed into the above slat.

  • Mini blinds

The operation of mini blinds are almost same as venetian blinds but their width of slat is little smaller than venetian blinds. Here slats are about 1 inch thick

  • Micro blinds

This is again much smaller version of blinds where slats are having thickness of ½ inches.

  • Panel blinds

For patios or large windows such blinds are usually preferred. Here the blinds move along the track and in this way you can either open or close it.

  • Pleated shades

These shades are made by using either paper or any fabric. It looks very similar to venetian blind but it cannot be adjusted from the sides. It can however be raised or lowered.

  • Cellular shades

It is similar to pleated shades however they are made by using two different pieces of materials. They are available in many different sizes to fit in different size of windows. This can keep your room col during summer and wrm during winter seasons.

  • Roman shades

Here fabric, jute or sea grass is used and mostly used in the traditional windows. It can also be raised to get folded like venetian blinds.

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