Cool, Cool, Cool… Cool Fans That Look Cool and Keep You Cool

Everyone loves to decorate their house with different worthy ideas in their own way. People want everything around to look good and cool. And as the name suggests the most important element and part that matters is the coolness. Fans make the room cooler, technically, they create a wind chill effect. Air is blown around and the fan makes it easier to evaporate sweat from the skin. Here is the list of some of the coolest fans which users normally tend to buy for different reasons and features offered by them.

Dyson Fan Range

They are bladeless fans that are easy to operate and clean. An area of low pressure is created when the air is drawn by the impeller and passes over 5 degree airfoil shaped ramp. It is based on the Bernoulli principle. Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 (White/Silver) is a Dyson fan range that is helpful in both summer and winter season depending on the need. The room is warmed by the fan by using the fluidics principle. Dyson cool are the safest fans with no blades, less work of cleaning the blades and comes with a remote control. Tower fans are designed for larger spaces and the pedestal fans are energy efficient. The improved version is energy efficient and uses 15% less electricity than previous pedestal fans.

Dimplex DXMBCF

This tower fan in black and sleek style is highly attractive and provides cool air. It has a modern stylish look with a sleek blue light and comes with a remote control. One can control it from anywhere in the room without taking extra efforts to get up and change the settings. It has minimal assembly and stands freely with 3 speed settings in three different sizes H121, W31 and D31 cm. The variable speed settings add comfort and complete control. The oscillation function circulates the air in all the directions in larger areas. They have a variety of different fans with different designs that look cool and best suited for modern contemporary homes.


Vornado fans are found in 12 countries with varieties of designs that have redefined the household fans. The list is never ending with their new innovative fans and their technology. Anyone would love to have them at their service for their elegance. A wide range of fans are available, few are listed as below:-

  • 633DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator helps in circulating the whole room with cool air and moves air up to 80 feet. It saves 80% of the energy by having a powerful airflow.
  • 630 mid-size Whole room air circulator Fan comes moves air up to 70 feet and are quiet when operated. They have 3 speed settings and have removable grills to make cleaning easy.
  • Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator Fan utilizes Vornado signature Vortex air circulator. It has a compact design, 8.7 inch height which is used as table top, comes with 2 speeds setting with multi-directional airflow. They are easy to clean as the grill can be removed and are build considering the US voltage requirements.
  • NGT42DC Energy Smart 42″ Tower Circulator is good for whole room as air is conveniently circulated everywhere. It moves air over 100 feet and saves 80% of the energy. The controls are touch sensitive.

Hunter 51059 Low Profile IV 5-Blade Ceiling Fan, 42-Inch, White

They have come a long way and are still in form and considered by everyone. The whisper wind motor delivers powerful air movement with no noise performance which gives a soothing relaxing cooling effect. The direction of the fan can be changed depending on the season. The look is elegant and royal with five white colored blades and 13 degree blade pitch. They are specifically designed for indoor use only. Hunter Fan Company from USA provides many other varieties of fans with coolest looks, such as Hunter 51022 Conroy, Hunter 53236 Builder Plus, and Hunter 53039 Summer Breeze.

Version Tech Portable Fan

Portable fans are very handy and can be carried along with us wherever we go. They turn out to be very useful during trips and where there is no electricity like in camps, during conferences, etc. Version Tech Multipurpose collapsible portable fan looks cool and has a nice flow of air. They are manufactured by Version Tech and have unique design style like an umbrella and can be held in a hand, kept on table, clip it in a belt. This is USB port rechargeable or can also be powered by batteries and comes with adjustable speed levels. One can carry it everywhere due to its light weight

Aikoper Desk Fan

It has a different design and shape and adopts the latest technology. The airflow is cut evenly due to the twin turbo cyclone structure. Due to this technology the air is circulated continuously. Aikoper USB Small Table Personal Electric Fan with Twin Turbo comes with 2 Speeds and uniquely designed for Office and home. It is black in color. It looks like a shell sculpts and a black color matches with any room décor. They have sensitive touch control and are best for summer cooling.

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